10 Ultimate Beach Resorts


There are great resorts in the Caribbean and there are great beach resorts in the Caribbean. The distinction is no small thing. Because while some resorts can offer all the amenities and grandeur you’re looking for, they may not be true “beach” resorts, offering direct, easy access to the beach, a wide range of beachfront rooms and, even better, multiple beaches at the same resort.

But then there are beach resorts that take it to another level — they have more than one beach.

The latter is the criterion on which we’ve focused in this “ultimate” list — every one of the following beach resorts has more than one beach. Your only problem will be choosing which one to spend the day on. Check out these ultimate beach resorts.

Beach Resorts

Caneel Bay St. John is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in all of the Caribbean, and this legendary resort takes it to a different level with a whopping seven beaches to choose from, or, as the property says, “one for every day of the week.”

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