The Best Beaches You Can Stay on in the Caribbean


Think of your favorite beaches in the Caribbean, the show-stopping ones, like Prickly Pear or Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands, or Trunk Bay in St John. But what makes these beaches so spectacular is something of a flaw when it comes to your vacation: they don’t have a hotel attached. So what are the best beaches you can actually “stay” on? That’s where this list comes in, offering a spectacular beach — and a place to stay. These places offer the expereinces of walking out onto a world-class beach, and not having to leave at the end of the afternoon. These are the Best Beaches you can stay on in the Caribbean.

Best Beaches

Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

This beach simply has it all: sweeping scenery, powder-soft sand, calm waves and one of the Caribbean’s best beach bars (Garvey’s SunShine Shack). And yes, you can stay here, with options ranging from the affordable Anguilla Great House to the foodie-focused CuisinArt. 

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