5 Affordable Caribbean Private Island Resorts


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Having a private island is the classic Caribbean dream. But the private island experience isn’t always as expensive as you think. We’ve found 5 private-island Paradises without over-the-top prices. Some are open only for day visits; others boast sumptuous accommodations you can settle into for a week-long escape from the everyday. But all offer that delicious sense of seclusion and the distinct castaway vibe that every island-seeker craves. Here’s our pick of some great affordable private island options in the Caribbean, all starting at less than $300 a night.

saba rock

Saba Rock, British Virgin Islands This lively North Sound restaurant with eight surprisingly swanky suites (plus another debuting in time for the winter season) packs a whole lotta fun (including a tiny beach and one of the BVI’s best boutiques) into its quarter-acre footprint.

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